What’s the difference between a longboard and a cruiser? Which is more suitable for beginner?

The most obvious difference between a longboard and a cruiser is the length. A longboard is longer than a cruiser. This difference is due to their uses.

Many would say that a cruiser is easier for a beginner to get used to. However, if you like longboarding, then there are still many great beginner longboards for you to choose.

Hesitate no more and let’s explore each type of board right below!


The Landyachtz Chief Longboard

A longboard usually measures 36 inches and up. Within the longboard category, there are many different types. All of these will be suitable for different riding styles.

Knowing them will help you choose the most suitable ones. Here are the most common longboard types.

Cruiser longboard

This is not to be mistaken with the cruiser board. Basically, a cruiser longboard is designed for cruising.

Because of that, it is very beginner-friendly. If you’re looking to get started with longboarding, then a cruiser longboard may be what you need.

A great cruiser longboard to check out is Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard Complete Cruiser. It comes fully assembled so you don’t need to do the hard work. Also, the price is reasonable.

Carving longboard

The Volador 46inch Maple Dancing Longboard

Carving longboard is specifically designed for riders who love carving. The board is pumpy to provide you with enough power to speed up.

Carving longboard also gives you great agility. You will often notice these boards with a cut-out or pintail design so riders don’t experience any wheelbites.

Although it’s a bit expensive, Sector 9 Mens Basilisk Complete Skateboard is a great carving longboard that you can rely on for your daily commutes and more.

Freestyle longboard

Freestyle longboard allows you to do tricks and surf the road. It usually has a cut-out design and cambered profile.

Freestyle are great if you want to practice your moves on the board. You can use it for longer rides as well.

There are many great options out there. You can look into the Playshion longboard, or Hye-Sport freestyle longboard.

Downhill longboard

The Atom Drop Deck Downhill Longboard

Downhill longboard is exactly what its name says. It is for racing downhill. This type of board usually has a bullet shape.

It has wider, low-degree trucks to increase stability at high speeds. The wheels are soft to give riders more traction on the way.

If you love bombing the hills, then you can check out Moonshine longboard. Keep in mind, though, that racing downhill is not the most beginner-friendly of all the styles.

It may take a while to get more skillful. But once you’ve got the skills down, the ride will be super fun and exciting.

Freeride longboard

This is a 2-in-1 style combining the freestyle and downhill style longboard. You can race downhill and pull off tricks on this one.

Because this type combines different sets of skills, it may not be the most suitable for a complete beginner.

However, if you are willing to learn to take your game to the next level, then a 2-in-1 longboard may be your best choice.

Dancing longboard

You may be surprised to learn about the dancing longboard. But yes, there are boards that are specifically for dancing.

Dancing on the board is simply called board dancing or board walking. This is where you turn or twist your body around and just enjoy the show.

Dancing longboard is simple to get used to because it requires only a few steps to learn. There is no high speed racing in general.

Good longboard types for beginners

Cruiser Board

The Retrospec Zed Bamboo Cruiser Skateboard

A cruiser board is very short. It usually measures 22 inches or slightly longer. Compared to longboards which are typically 36 inches, cruiser boards are much shorter.

Cruiser boards are more commonly used for kids. However, many adults or teenagers use cruisers for their daily commutes or just simply cruising around the block.

Unlike longboards, cruiser boards are very simple. There are not so many different types to choose from. Choosing one is pretty straightforward.

One particular difference between a longboard and a cruiser is the material. You will never see any longboards made from plastic. Indeed, if you do, simply don’t buy because the material may not support you reliably at high speeds.

Cruiser boards are often made from plastic and sometimes maple. They don’t have a grip tape most of the time. But companies spray a grip coat on it to help riders avoid slipping.

Longboard And Cruiser Board: Comparison Table

Best Longboard And Cruiser Brands

Here are the best companies you can trust when buying a longboard or cruiser board to avoid scam and low-quality boards.


Most well-known for their Zed Bamboo longboard. They make great longboards at affordable prices.


The Sector 9 Fractal Longboard

A high-end longboard brand that delivers superb skateboards and longboards. Their prices are expensive.

Penny Board

Penny Board is the leader in penny boards or cruiser boards. Their products are well-designed and suitable for kids and adults.


In conclusion, there is a number of differences between a longboard and a cruiser board. The point that confuses most people is the cruiser longboard. It is not to be mistaken with the cruiser board. You can know this by looking at the length. If the board is longer, it must be a longboard.

A cruiser board is really easy for a beginner to get started. The cruiser and dancing longboard are also suitable for newbies.

If you’re looking for a compact, lightweight transportation to go around town, then choose a cruiser board. However, if you love doing more cool tricks or racing, then getting started with a longboard may be the better investment. Either way, have fun & enjoy the ride!

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